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My journey began back in high school. When I was 15 I decided I wanted to do hair and had my eyes set on the prize ever since.

Before enrolling in a Cosmetology course I completed a business program and it was hands down the best decision I ever made.


That course catered towards generic business practices. Yes, my focus was on small business (I skipped all the corporate classes), but our industry is so incredibly unique that I still found myself learning from trial and error.

I began to plan out my business while I was still a student. I knew what most of my fellow students didn't know; signing up for beauty school meant that I was signing up to open my own business.

Most students are taught to be super safe, cut a straight line and roll hair around a perm rod, but they aren't given any practical business building skills. It's not our fault, cosmetology schools do us dirty by overlooking the most important part of this industry.


I am making it my personal mission to make sure that students not only know that they are entering the world of business ownership, but that they have easy access to all the tools they will need BEFORE THEY EVEN GET THAT LICENSE.

Stick with me and I can have you bringing home MORE THAN the national average for all hairstylists within the first year of being licensed. Trust me, I did it for myself.

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