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Have you ever felt like you needed help with social media, but didn’t know where to turn?


How do you even know if you’re paying yourself correctly?

What about when you have great marketing ideas, but no one to bounce them off of?

You know there is more for you out there, but you just can’t figure out what’s next.

What if I told you there was a community of like-minded stylists helping each other grow their businesses and you could join us??

I am proud to introduce you to


A mastermind of highly motivated and capable stylists who are all committed to working towards a lucrative career and a beautiful life.

In Hairstylist Gold Mastermind we believe that helping others grow their business will in turn help our own businesses thrive. We all give more than we take, and if you’re one of us we will pour into you. This is the place for a stylist to really take control of their business and their life. There is no reason why anyone needs to be a slave to the chair and we are here to help you level up.

This Mastermind is a one of a kind group coaching opportunity that utilizes group accountability to push us beyond everything we have ever thought possible.
Every member's growth and success over the next year will be attributed to four strong pillars.
Each of which was designed with the intention of challenging and enabling you to becoming the best business owner you can be. 
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This system ensures that everyone is not only able to push each other to do great things, but they are able to be challenged 


Hairstylist Gold Mastermind will reopen for new enrollments in Spring 2021.

In the meantime, check out the FREE business downloads you can access when you sign up for a Members Only account below.
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