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All Prices Are Starting Prices Based On Hair Texture, Density & Length


Creative Color

Creative Color Overlay - The perfect way to dip your toes into fashion colors. This service does not include any lightening so the fashion tones are placed over the hair as is and take on the existing dimension of the hair, but with a colorful twist. For clients who have had lightening done previously.      $155

Creative Color Peek a Boos - For clients who want just a few pops of a fashion color in their hair.  Includes lightening and fashion color for 5-7 ribbons throughout the hair. Perfect for a money piece or subtle pops throughout the hair.      $285

Creative Color Tone Transformation - For clients who have no previous lightening or need additional lightening. Includes one session of lightening, fashion color and an Olaplex treatment to ensure the health of your hair.      $320

Bold Blonding:

90s Chunky Highlights - For clients who only want a few thick ribbons of blonding done. Ex: Peek-a-boos, chunky highlights, money piece/face frame highlight.     *Consultation required for quote.

Bleach & Tone - For clients who are blonde all over with no dark dimension and have their roots lightened every 4-5 weeks. Lifting out previous color build up from toner or purple shampoo is not included but can be done at an additional cost (+$50).     $190

Platinum Card - A transformational service. For clients wanting to go blonde all over (with or without a shadow root). Includes Olaplex treatment to ensure the health of your hair.     $300    (With shadow root +$30)


Natural Blonding


Partial Babylights - Closest to traditional highlights but applied with a modern approach. Partial is best for new babylight clients who want majority of their hair to be their natural color or for clients who are simply maintaining a full head of highlights or babylights.    $185

Babylights - Closest to traditional highlights but applied with a modern approach. Meant for clients who want to be significantly blonder but in a very subtle and blended way.     $220

Balayage - For clients who want to go lighter gradually over time. Large ribbons of blonde are incorporated over your hair for dimension. Not recommended for clients with dark brown or black hair. Clients with previous color may take longer to achieve results.     $265

Foilyage - Babylight power with balayage placement. For clients who want more naturally blended highlights with a shadow root and more brightness towards the front. Also for clients who want the balayage look but has darker hair.    $295


Global Color - All over color for clients refreshing existing color or for clients wanting a darker richer change. Also for touching up grey roots and refreshing faded color on your ends every 4-6 weeks. This is not a lightening service.   $120

Color Retouch - For clients having only their root color done every 4-6 weeks. Not for blonde root retouches.     $100

Color Gloss - For clients who need their gloss or toner refreshed between blonding appointments. Also for clients who recently went dark and are seeing some fading in their color.      $100

Colormelt - For clients getting a lightening service done who also needs color between the highlights to create darker or different dimension.     $275




Olaplex - The #1 selling treatment in my chair. Olaplex rebuilds the hair bonds to help protect and repair your hair from all types of damage. An Olaplex treatment can be applied to all color services and can also be done as a stand alone treatment with or without a blowdry. I strongly recommend for all clients wanting any lightening service done, especially if we are needing multiple sessions for your desired result. Full deep condition and scalp massage included.     $50

Scalp Treatment - Your scalp needs skin care just like your face to get rid of oils and product build up that can cause our hair to appear flat and dull. This treatment exfoliates the scalp with a color safe scrub and a scalp brush section by section. We then rinse out the scrub and fully cleanse the hair and finish with a deep conditioning scalp massage. It’s completely understandable if you fall asleep during this service, I’ve been there done that.     $40

Haircut - Includes a shampoo and blow-dry with style.    $90

Brazilian Blowout - Tames frizz, adds shine and decreases styling time. Brazilian Blowout typically lasts 4-6 months with recommended maintenance. For new or existing Brazilian clients. NOT a straightening service.     $300

Corrective Color - Consultation required.

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