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Let's be real: There are two different ways to figure out how to do something: 

1. Spend countless hours googling how to do it.
Yeah, you spend a lot of time figuring it out for yourself but hey, it's FREE!

2. Just pay someone who already is an expert. 


Hi, I'm Laurel. I am a hairstylist with a business degree.
I'm the expert you've been looking for.

I have been licensed for 9 years and the most important thing that I learned about the industry in that time was this: This is a business, treat it as such and your potential is endless. You are a business owner who happens to do hair.

I believe that quick growth is possible, while also reclaiming your personal life and I can show you how to do it. No need to waste time on slow starts and "paying your dues". I was making 6 figures while working part time before I had even renewed my license a second time. I can teach you the skills you need to know to grow the most incredible life for yourself. The most magical part of being a business owner is you can make your business work for the life you want to live.
I can hand you the map to your dream life.

Discovery Call

Check the availability below to book your own complimentary Discovery Call. In each Discovery Call I like to disucss what 1 on 1 Coaching would look like for your business and how I can help you acheive true happiness behind the chair. Let's chat!

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