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Let's be real: There are two different ways to figure out how to do something: 

1. Spend countless hours googling how to do it.

Yeah, you spend a lot of time figuring it out for yourself but hey, it's FREE!

2. Just pay someone who already is an expert. 


Hi, I'm Laurel. I'm the expert you've been looking for.

So much of "why I can help you" can be shown to you. My exponential business growth and success is tried and true evidence of what I can teach you, but plenty of hairstylist business coaches have that proof. What makes my coaching different?
I have a degree in business.

I have been licensed for 7 years now and the most important thing that I learned about the industry in that time was this: This is a business, treat it as such and your potential is endless. You are a business owner who happens to do hair. In that 7 years this business mindset fueled a series of growth and change: from year 1 to year 5 I increased my income nearly 5 times, I've employed 4 assistants, I've cut out nights and weekends, and I opened a thriving private suite. I am now at home with my baby girl most days while making a full week's income in my 2 days in the salon. No financial stress, total freedom. All while working my dream job. How does that sound to you?.

It is possible, it is attainable and I can show you how to do it. Every single strategy I use can be taught and implemented in your business. These are basic business practices that have the power to revolutionize your business AND your life. I can teach you branding, marketing, accounting, pricing, boundaries, scalability, everything you will ever need to know to grow the most incredible business for yourself. The most magical part of being a business owner is you can make your business work for the life you want to live.
I can hand you the map to your dream life.

Fill out the form below to have a free consultation with me on what we should tackle based on your immediate goals. 

Coaching Request
What Type Of Help Are You Looking For Today?

Congratulations for taking steps toward your dream life and business!

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