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Welcome to your dream 2024

I truly believe that professional goals mean nothing if they aren't fueling our personal happiness. If we start with our personal goals and work those into our business plan, we can build the most beautiful life with a fulfilling career that fuels it.

I want you to
✨ Work your dream schedule
✨ Build a dream clientele
✨ Take your dream vacations
✨ Reward yourself for all wins big and small
✨ Actually accomplish everything that just went through your mind

The Goal Crushers workbook was created specifically for hairstylists to truly get down to the core of what you want in their life and then put together a realistic, workable plan to achieve it all. Everyone has the same amount of hours in the day, this will help you make sure you are using them for the right tasks that will push you towards your biggest goals.

Included in the workbook:
✨ 2023 Reflections
✨ 2023 Analysis
✨ Goal Setting
✨ Monthly Task Planning
✨ Social Media Planner

✨ Reward Systems

✨ Life Clarity

A year from now do you want to be wishing you had started today? Or do you want to be thankful that you did?

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